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Our Board

Our Board of Directors

Rayleen Brown - FNBBAA Board of Directors

Rayleen Brown


Spending the last 20 years running my bushfoods business in Alice Springs,  I have had the fortune to work at many levels in the industry.  I have contributed to a number of research projects with CRC's and worked with Traditional Owners and 5 different language groups to develop ethical guidelines for the bush foods industry.


I have experience with media and have had many speaking engagements to advocate for indigenous people in the Bushfoods Business. I have also held the position Director for two years on the ANFAB board.  

What I am most proud of is the time I have spent advocating for the women who wild harvest in the Central Desert Area and making the industry aware of their wonderful contribution to the industry. 

Sharon Winsor - FNBBAA Board of Directors

Sharon Winsor


Sharon Winsor, is a Ngemba Weilwan woman from Western NSW, and the owners of Indigiearth - producing premium native foods, beverages, confectionary, and more, made from authentic Australian native products that are ethically sourced and sustainably harvested.  

Sharon is passionate about connecting people with Aboriginal culture and heritage through native foods with Indigiearth now recognised as a leading NSW Indigenous business with the experience and knowledge of bush food.

Her business is the leading Aboriginal premium native food supplier, and is well-known within the food industry for quality, longevity and diversity.

Sharon is also an accomplished Aboriginal performer, leading the dance group nationally and internationally.

“Indigiearth is more than just business. It’s my healing, my passion and runs deep within my soul,” - Sharon Winsor.

Pat Torres - FNBBAA Board of Directors

Pat Torres


CEO of my bush-tucker and bush remedy business called Mamanyjun Tree Enterprises which trades as Mayi Harvests & Ancient Wisdom and a cultural consultancy business called Mamanyjun Cultural Training.


I am a Director, of the first bushfood organisation in the West Kimberley region known as the Gabiny Plum Harvesters Co-operative Ltd in Broome, WA which was previously known as the Indigenous Harvesters Australia Co-op Ltd.

My cultural and heritage knowledge was recognised this year with the awarding of a local Broome ‘2019 Kullarri NAIDOC Award for a Lifetime contribution to Culture and Heritage’

Dale Chapman - FNBBAA Board of Directors

Dale Chapman


Dale Chapman is an Indigenous woman born in Dirranbandi in south west Queensland on Yuwaalaraay and Kooma tribal lands.  

She is the founder of My Dilly Bag, a celebrated and award-winning chef, cookbook author, public speaker, television personality, and lecturer.

She is active in Aboriginal affairs and is a member of the Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, Slow Food International and Chair of Stepping Black Indigenous Australia. She is also an Adjunct Senior Fellow in the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences at the University of Queensland. 

Dale’s goal is to introduce these unique foods and tastes to the public but also to re-introduce her People to using bush tucker again. She considers traditional food to be an effective weapon in the fight against Heart Disease and Diabetes 2 which are some of the major health problems affecting many Aboriginal people today.

Sharon Brindley - FNBBAA Board of Directors

Sharon Brindley


Sharon Brindley is a proud Yamatji/Noongar woman whose core purpose is to bring people together through food.

Sharon grew up on the Mornington Peninsula spending a lot of her childhood days over in Kalgoolie with her Grandmother who would take her out bush and who taught her how to live off the land.  This is where and when Sharon developed her love of cooking and knowledge of Indigenous ingredients. Sharon sees food as an integral part of connecting family and people regardless of their background, culture or religion.

Sharon is passionate about bringing Indigenous ingredients to everyday Australians so they can taste them and incorporate them into everyday cooking which in turn educates people about our First Nation Peoples cuisine. 

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